Boy and woman busy observing their phone didn’t notice they were on date with wrong person


Boy and woman busy observing their phone didn’t notice they were on date with wrong person Mukesh didn’t notice he spent 3 hours with a lady whom he doesn’t apprehend, has ne’er met before. Ditto was the case for the ‘unknown’ woman as each of them super busy with their phones ne’er got time to possess a look at one another.


This is what happened through the day and evening. Mukesh, taking an opening from Google search at workplace, engaged a table for visible radiation dinner at the thirteenth floor eating house in MG road. it absolutely was for the date along with his girlfriend Sandhya UN agency has recently shifted to Bengaluru from Hyderabad.

“As shortly as I entered the place felt it absolutely was over crowded for per week day, could also be several had engaged like American state thanks to the discounts they provide on week days. The eating house manager escorted American state to a table wherever my unknown ‘girlfriend’ was waiting”, Mukesh told his friend when reaching his space.

Mukesh superimposed, “While absolutely engrossed in our phones, we have a tendency to same hi every|to every} different whereas our cheeks touched each other’s. She ordered one thing, I ordered one thing, shared ½ soup. Food was tasty. Wi-Fi network of the place was awing, most likely that unbroken United States of America absolutely busy through the evening.”

“I didn’t notice regarding the incorrect date until Sandhya texted American state,” same Mukesh to his friend.

“Sorry Mukesh, my robot phone battery ran out after I was within a cab. Yahan Itna traffic hota hai mujhe pata nahin tha. currently solely I reached my PG in Whitefield. If I begin currently, we will have morning breakfast solely. pitying spoiling today’s set up, can meet you over the weekend. Luv u … Sandhya”.

Mukesh’s friend when hearing of these was upset Sandhya didn’t crop up at the eating house.

“Aaj toh ‘The End’ hota Mukesh aur Sandhya Ka. Mera last profile image blow Sandhya ne like bhi kiya hai. Who knows, mera kuch likelihood bhi ban sakta tha. Iss Whitefield traffic ne sab spoil kar diya”, Mukesh’s friend was thinking.

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