Government appoints Sachin Tendulkar as fossil fuel Minister to make sure gasoline costs abate as they approach one hundred


Government appoints Sachin Tendulkar as fossil fuel Minister to make sure gasoline costs abate as they approach one hundred

New Delhi: With gasoline costs rising chop-chop across the country, government has finally taken note and done one thing to handle the matter. Dharmendra Pradhan has been aloof from his post of fossil fuel Minister and therefore the charge has been given to Rajya Sabha MP Sachin Tendulkar.

SACHIN TENDULKARGovernment is assured that below Tendulkar, gasoline value can abate within the high 80s and 90s and won’t reach one hundred by the time Lok Sabha 2019 elections return around.

In Tendulkar’s native metropolis, gasoline costs ar simply a number of paise wanting ninety Rs/Liter mark and government thought this may be the correct moment to introduce Tendulkar into the sport. Tendulkar, famed for swiftness down on the thanks to a one hundred, is predicted to transfer his experience from the cricketing field to a petroleum pump.

Making this announcement at a group discussion, BJP voice Sambit Patra aforesaid, “We thought of many choices to stay the gasoline costs in restraint however eventually, the complete cupboard reached a agreement over the Sachin Tendulkar possibility. Mr. Tendulkar can at once take hold of the ministry and can guarantee it takes many months before gasoline costs reach one hundred Rs/Liter level. Dharmendra Pradhan had a lot of of Virat Kohli in his approach than Tendulkar and he was driving on thus we tend to had to introduce Mr. Tendulkar.”
When asked if they thought of reducing excise duty. e tend to are attempting to shop for him a replacement wordbook however the Finance Ministry isn’t approving the allow the new wordbook for the government minister as they’re language they’ll solely take, not provide any cash.”

BJP’s main opposition Congress has slammed BJP over this call. Party voice Randeep Surjewala has aforesaid that by appointing Tendulkar because the fossil fuel Minister, government has ensured that gasoline costs can reach one hundred evidently.

Meanwhile, many gasoline pump homeowners in metropolis have started jewellery retailers within the gasoline pump wherever you’ll be able to mortgage your mother’s gold bangles to shop for a litre of gasoline.

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