India Oldest Yoga Teacher Nanammal


India Oldest Yoga Teacher Nanammal

India oldest yoga teacher, easily done challenging 20 postures At the age of 98 are also fit entirely, see what they eat in lunch and dinner.

How to stay fit, ask India’s oldest 99-year-old Yoga teacher-V Nanammal

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Nanammal has the ability to pull off 100 Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) in one go.

National Desk The age of 98 years, i.e. the life’s time, when most people have to face all the difficulties in walking and are beginning to surround lifestyle like BP-diabetes, in such cases, Nannamal of Coimbatore is an example.
Nannamal’s life has no place for diseases. They do yoga every day and teach. She is famous by the name of India’s oldest yoga guru. They do more than 20 difficult rugs very easily. Nannamal took yoga lessons from his father who himself was a doctor.
5 points about the oldest yoga teacher

1. Nannamal took yoga education from his father who himself was a doctor Nannamal’s body, which likes to keep healthy and healthy for the rest of his life, is still flexible as any small child is.
2. Nannamal rose early in the morning and drink half a litre of water and the children go out to teach yoga. They take special care of their diet, in which they contain things that contain high amounts of fibre and calcium.
3. They do yoga every morning to stay fit. Everyday food Eat dinner by 7 o’clock and sleeps fast. In his diet, Nannamal includes fruits and honey.
4. As a Yoga instructor, he is also a supporter of Naturopathy. According to him, staying close to nature, every person remains healthy and energy remains in it. Anyone who comes to meet them does not forget to tell the natural drugs and its benefits.
5. There are around 600 students in the whole world. He used to teach yoga only to some people in his house, but after participating in a competition, he got fame, after which he also involved in more than 100 matches. Yoga has become the heritage of his family

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