Only 2 rupees in the kitchen, claim to repair cancer, can end in 10 days, any stage cancer


Only 2 rupees in the kitchen, claim to repair cancer, can end in 10 days, any stage cancer

Italian doctor claims – in 20 years, many patients were removed from cancer

Rome. People spend millions of crores of rupees for a life-threatening illness like cancer. But a doctor claims that you can stop it with one thing for Rs 2. The well-known Italian doctor Toulio Simoncini claims that baking soda kept in the kitchen is enough for the treatment of cancer. They say that they have treated hundreds of patients with this. In this way, he has treated cancer patients of all the stages till now, and this drug has been 100% active on all people. They believe that it can be stopped drinking only baking soda.

The baking soda can stop Cancer in 10 days?

Baking soda used to make food in our house is a panacea to eliminate cancer. With the help of baking soda found at the cost of 2 to 10 rupees, Italian doctor Toulio Simoncini has treated hundreds of patients.
He said the cancer of any stage could stop in 10 days from the treatment we are treating with the help of baking soda. He believes that in many cases, the fungus produces cancer, which can prevent from baking soda. Baking soda can be applied to external wounds where there is a fear of cancer. Apart from this drinking can also have many benefits for getting rid of cancer risk.

According to Dr. Toulio’s study, when the pH level of the body becomes constant acidic, it increases the chances of getting cancer. In such a situation, baking soda can help reduce pH levels in the body. A common person can drink this by making a drink of baking soda and can reduce the pH level of the body from time to time. Gradually, this will reduce the pH level of the body, causing tumors to stop growing. However, it is essential to seek medical advice to use it. The urine should be checked through what is the pH level of the body. It should be between 7 to 8. If it reaches above 8, then baking soda should stop.

Cancers prevent fungus

Actually, the fungus weakens the immune system and then attacks the whole body. Every kind of cancer is caused by Candida fungus. Several of its studies have also been confirmed. Over time our cells become weaker and tired and begin to make unknown cells. He said that cancer is an ulcer, in which distorted cells accumulate and become colonies.

Anti-fungal drugs cannot stop cancer

Dr. Toulio said that natural anti-fungal medicines are ineffective against cancer because they work only on the surface of the cells. The primary infection is more potent than a bacteria. This is the reason why fungal infection remains in the body for so long.

Iodine tincture also helps

Dr. Toulio claims that he has identified things that can attack the colonies of Fungus. He said that baking soda and iodine tincture are the best ingredients for skin cancer. In many studies, this has proved that baking soda has done intracellular action against cancer. He said that I have used treatment for my patients for more than 20 years. Many of these patients were also patients who had said that their illness was incurable, But they were completely cured. The best way to eliminate tumor is to use baking soda.

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