Writing Sciencetific Papers: Mistakes is Good or Bad

Writing Sciencetific Papers: Mistakes is Good or Bad

Writing Sciencetific Papers: Mistakes is Good or Bad: Learning from Mistakes There is one bad tendency in the world of education that is, considering mistakes as something bad and should be avoided. During the first twenty-two years of his/her life, everyone is taught that mistakes are a shame and should be avoided. In fact, the errors are actually a guide not to repeat the same ones.

Writing Sciencetific Papers: Mistakes is Good or Bad

The former British Prime Minister Mr.Winston Churchill. once said: “All men make mistakes, but they need to be wise to learn from their mistakes.” This word reveals that mistakes are a chance to make amazing. The World famous Irish writer Mr James Joyce, says the truth that “Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” So, the more mistakes someone can identify (including the mistakes of others) the more he or she learns and the more chance he or she has for making something better in the future.

The standard that mistakes is an opportunity for doing something much much better is very useful to apply in the writing of scientific papers. Is totally based on the author’s experience in guiding the writing of papers, paragraph. Students also follow in editing papers, there are 4 sections where mistakes often made by writers (beginners);
1-How to make effective paragraphs
2-How to make writing easy to understand
3- How to write references
4-How to deal with the time given. Hopefully, our understanding of these four sections will enable us to produce better scientific work.

Mistakes is Good or Bad
1. Write The References

Writing Sciencetific Papers: Mistakes is Good or Bad
An academic paper can’t stand alone. It must be reinforced by facts that have been universally agreed upon as well as various opinions or ideas that are all also based on the according concerned. Therefore writing references is something that is important when we write a scientific paper.
2. Make The Writing Easy To Understand

This is the next stage in producing a quality paper. You may understand the topic well and cleary. What you need to make your topic clear and well is supposing you in the position of the reader (according to your situation), whether you (as a reader) can understand every sentence written.
3. Make Effective Paragraph
Mostly Sciencetific papers is a cluster of paragraphs that targets the main problem. After therefore the power to writing clear and understandable paragraphs is a very important required in writing scientific papers. The following are fundamental concepts that need to be an expert in order to develop effective paragraph writing skills. The paragraph is essentially a fusion of a group of similar things in sentences that target one main central idea. The whole sentence must something have a logical relationship.
4. According to The Time Given
This is a classic problem that is closely related to discipline. You must be according in arranging your time so that you can allocate the part of the time to your scientific paper writing.

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